Monday, February 4, 2013 other words, grace...

Time is passing. Duh. 

We started praying and planning and preparing for little Canyon about six months ago;  as soon as we learned she was formed and growing.  There were some timid and tentative moments as we gave Lauren the reassurance she needed about motherhood:  you can do this…we are here for you…she is a miracle

We marked time with a calendar...trimesters…months…weeks.
But now it’s time to regard each moment of preparation with a clock instead.  By the end of March, we know this little girl will arrive…squirming and squalling and owned, owned by a family.  We are all so ready to love her.

I think of her father…a man whose own birth mother made a different kind of decision…a mother who decided she could not or would not be able to nurture and nourish her little infant boy.  She gave him up.  Brave. Hard.  Impossible.

A willing and able set of parents took him in, took him on…this little guy so ready to be loved, so willing to love.

As he prepares to be a father he has some reconciliation to do…some acceptance of his own upbringing, his roots, his home.  He will give this little girl what she needs most—welcome and loving arms.  We will be by his side—encouraging him, loving him, and helping him become the best father he can be. 

It’s what every child deserves.  Unmerited favor.  Unconditional love.

In a word, Grace.

Chris, just a boy

Chris,  becoming a man

Don't forget--Saturday, February 9th, the Baby-Q at Chris and Lauren's house!  Can't wait to see you all there as we "feather the nest" for this little one.

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