Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Empty Tank

The end of a school year always seems to happen when your gas gauge is on "E"...it's as if you economize the final weeks of the school year so you can chug through the last few days and try to finish strong. I was thinking about empty tanks and how we get them filled. My personal fuel, next to building and growing in my relationship with the Lord, comes from my family. From one daughter, I get affection and laughter. From another, I get serious reflection. From another, I get affirmation. And another, honesty and integrity. From my son, I get encouragement and praise. From my grandchildren, I get hope and a vision of the future. I need this fuel to move forward, and I'm so grateful that God has equipped us to meet one another's needs. Summer will give us some lazy days to be together, some traveling and traipsing about to explore our turf, and some time to just enjoy the moment. Being a part of each other's lives refuels me, and as I look at my new job and my shyness in getting to know this community a little better, I know I'm going to need lots of "premium" fuel to make it. How about you? Where does your fuel come from?


  1. I remember feeling like that at the end of the school year too. My fuel then, like now, comes from my Lord Jesus and my faith in Him, and from the energy and encouragement of my Handsome and my family, my mom and my dad in particular. They are my encouragers. My sisters are my "venters" - they listen to me and let me get my stress off my chest, and then I feel like I can set it aside and focus on the good stuff and "pushing forward" and "running the good race," as Hebrews says. My last classroom job required much more constant "fill-er-ups" than my previous ones had - and at one point, God let me know that my tank was running dry there for a reason and led me to a different path, and thankfully now, my job is to BE a fill-er-upper for others. :) His provision is so good and timely, isn't it? Keep blogging, Robin - I love to hear your thoughts. :)

  2. Thanks, Laurel, for your honesty about "fill er ups" and "fill-er-uppers"...He gives us both and I'm very grateful ;)


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