Friday, May 27, 2011

Mean Sisters

Someone was asking me about the nuns in the story, and I was thinking about their personalities in relation to friends I've had in the past. Sometimes hard things that we need to share with one another come across as mean, yet it is in fact exactly what we need. I have trouble helping my friends in this way. I want to nurture them, make them feel good, help them heal. The very thing that heals us may be the most difficult thing to hear. Are we willing to risk it? Am I willing to give it or take it? When Sister Ivy told Drea that her self-protection was in fact an act of arrogance, I had kind of an "ah ha" moment. I realized that by remaining wounded, it was a way of drawing undue attention to myself/my plight. By allowing God to heal me once and for all, I was free to focus my attention on others, on the world outside of myself. I don't think God wants us to ponder our navel. I think He wants to heal us, and grow us into mature people who can make a difference in the lives of others.

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