Monday, June 6, 2011


I love to make something new from something old, so I guess my summer "to do" list will include a few projects like that; repaint that old headboard I found in Germany while we were "junking" 20 years ago using that "chalk paint" that Christi found on a blog somewhere...distress those two old end tables to go with the headboard...make some curtains for the guest room that actually reach the floor...take a minute to go through some more boxes in the garage and get rid of some more junk before I acquire any more junk...reload the bookshelves with books in some kind of orderly way (tough for a librarian)...get rid of old clothes that will never fit me again or ever be in style again (wait a minute, stirrup pants have redeeming value)...what about your plans? What's old that you want to make new again?

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