Sunday, June 19, 2011


Photos: Grandpa, celebrating with his granddaughters and holding his new great grandchild. Ryan, great dad to my grandchildren. Carlisle, father of twins.

We need fathers. Sometimes the world gives us a different message...the message that once fathers contribute their DNA we're done with them. But this is off by about 180 degrees. Fathers have gotten a bad rap. Some deserve it. But like most stereotypes, we can't trust the truth about fathers we meet in an archetype or a cartoon. Fatherhood isn't a role, it's a relationship. If boys learn this early on, they'll be better fathers regardless of how they're raised. We don't have to guess what that relationship is...we have Our Father to show us the way. If every man would study the provision of our heavenly Father, he would understand exactly how to live his own life for his family. That's my prayer today...for us to celebrate men who understand this, and pray for those who don't, and ask God if He would prepare the hearts of young boys who one day will...

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