Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Manhattan

Avery was desperate to have us watch Little Manhattan on the Disney Channel last night. It turned out to be a love story, and during the course of the movie we talked about love and boys and boyfriends and movie stars. It was revealed that our little Avery, in the privacy of her own little pink bedazzled bedroom, had planted a kiss on the poster lips of Justin Bieber. Avery's 8. I have some questions for the Disney folks. Can you be trusted to deliver stories and messages from popular icons that I want my granddaughter to emulate? If your programming is geared towards children under age 12, 24/7, are you going to promote morals and ideals similar to those her parents are instilling in her? Just where do you find your Justin Biebers and Miley Cyruses, and how does a modern family compete with the power of such images and icons? I'm glad my daughter and son-in-law monitor what the kids watch, and turn such viewing into opportunities for discussion and teaching. And Justin Bieber along with all the other teen angels just better watch out, because each misstep may bring dire consequences from one grandma who might exercise her matriarchal duty...by using the "off" button on the remote!

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